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Knowing what your child is learning helps you support them throughout their education. Children are being taught too few moral values in school nowadays. This has led to increased level of cultism and violence both in schools and our society as evidenced in the high rate of crimes experienced in our Nigerian Society today. Societies all around the world have been affected by manifestations of increased crime and disrespect for parents, teachers, elders, and other people in authoritative positions. Under the guise of separation of church and state, many people feel that any kind of teaching of religious moral values should not be done in the public school classroom. This being the case, it is worthwhile examining the utility of school extra-curricular activities as a vehicle for teaching moral values.

In this section you can find out how OLLS passes moral values on to students in extra-curricular activities, how education at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Nursery & Primary School works and the range of learning opportunities offered for pupils to challenge their thinking, and make the most of their unique talents.

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OLLS is committed to encouraging pupils to follow an active and healthy lifestyle. We believe skills learnt through sports, including competitive and team sports, instill qualities such as resilience and determination that support children to navigate their way through life. Our school releases additional funding to improve provision for P.E. and sport.
At OLLS we aim to use Sports in accordance with primary school sports ethos to ensure that all children have access to affordable, specialized sports training and to make sure that the activities we offer are as inclusive and varied as possible.
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Our Lady of Lourdes Nursery & Primary School is a Christian school that strives to operate according to 'gospel' values. Our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the foundation on which we build our lives. Regular worship and devotional activities are central to the life of the school. From a Christian faith perspective, we encourage our students to develop the spiritual dimension of their lives.
Christian worship is a regular part of our school life. Every morning the staff share in a devotion which includes reflection and prayers for individual students and other specific needs. Every week the students attend a chapel service at The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. Classes take turns in preparing and presenting prayers and Bible readings. During the year, each class shares with the Our Lady of Lourdes Congregation in a Sunday service to which school families are invited. We involve our children in devotional activities to help them to focus on a Christian world view, helping them to make meaning in their lives and learn of God's love for them.
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Recreational Trips

The importance of taking the child out of the classroom to absorb, interact and be immersed in history, and educational tours, has several learning benefits for them to obtain practical information within the brain. This fact can never be overemphasized. The saying “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand,” provides the backbone to the theory of retaining more information when visually experiencing activities in the chosen environment. Below are four key educational benefits and reasons why getting your students out of the classroom is good for them!
1. Reinforces classroom material
2. Encourages students to learn
3. Provides a cultural experience
4. Allows for lifelong memories to be made with friends

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According to UNESCO, “the encouragement of creativity from an early age is one of the best guarantees of growth in a healthy environment of self-esteem and mutual respect - critical ingredients for building a culture of peace.” Although creativity is an elusive and contested concept, at Our Lady of Lourdes Schools creativity is made a state of mind in which we put all our children's intelligence into working together improving on their ability to solving problems and fashion products and to raise new questions.
At OLLS, when we are creative, we are aware of a special excitement.
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Community Service

Our Lady of Lourdes School Pupils, families, and staff are actively involved in experiences that foster growth and deepen understanding of all kinds – academic, social, and emotional. This is at the core of the school’s community service program, one of the tools used to integrate the school’s mission into the life of our pupils as we strengthen the qualities of respect, compassion, and responsibility for others and inspire children to make a difference in the world. Our community service program combines the principles of experiential learning, the development of an understanding of others beyond the self, and the importance of service to the community.
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Interactive Session

At OLLS we present to our children an analysis of the social organisation of news sessions in infants and primary classrooms. To our school, these events are essential occasions for the initiation of pupils into aspects of school knowledge and culture. We, by all means, make available ostensibly spaces in the school day where children may introduce their own topics and interests. We show, through a detailed conversational analysis of varieties of PTA meetings, how these activities are stage‐managed, what the nature of the children's contributions are, and how these are organised to legitimize school knowledge and to define pupil‐teacher relationships, especially the teacher as primary receiver and announcer of meetings. The transformation of children into pupils is seen to occur in social interactive sessions as much as in any other classroom activity. The distinctive feature of interactive sessions in the first years of schooling is that these are early instruction in how the private/personal realm can be fitted to the contours of the curriculum, how everyday life interests are subordinated to and appropriated by the culture of the school.
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